At ESP we are conscious of the lifecycle of our products and strive to ensure minimal waste and damage to the environment.

That’s why we make sure every campaign we deliver is produced in the most effective and efficient way in terms of materials used as well as costs to you.

During our manufacturing and fulfilment process there are no resulting by-products that would be harmful to the environment.

We work closely with our supplier partners, Ricoh, to ensure sustainability in terms of utilising toner cartridges that are now produced with PET plastic, sourced from discarded household post-consumer waste.

Our waste toner cartridges are returned to Ricoh for recycling through their sustainability process and any waste paper is collected & made into pulp to be utilised in other industries.

All of our standard house paper stocks are from FSC approved sources, meaning that the paper we use for 90% of our work is supplied by sustainable resources and supply chain.

We are affiliated with the Royal Mail ‘Green Discount’ service that specifically targets reducing detrimental environmental impact, via data cleansing for mailing efficiency, the responsible sourcing of materials and encouragement of the recycling of mail items.

All our mail items carry the recycle symbol to ensure the end receiver knows that each piece can go on to service another industry use. 

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