Your data is not only precious but vital in ensuring any direct mail campaign is a success.

Our market leading software will thoroughly compare & cleanse your database fields, ultimately saving money and improving the professionalism of your campaign by:

  • Identifying duplications & removing them.
  • Name & address cleansing to Royal Mail postal address files.
  • Cleaning against The Bereavement Register, to highlight any contacts registered as deceased, reducing the possibility of causing distress to the deceased person’s loved ones.
  • Suppress against the industry’s leading files to reduce the number of ‘gone aways’ within your data.
  • Cleansing against the Mailing Preference Service, activating the suppression of unsolicited mail*.
*there are exclusions to this service, namely when the organisation mailing already has an existing relationship with the recipient.


Address verification angainst the Royal Mail postal database (PAF).

Our address verification process compares the address data against the Royal Mail’s postal address files that identify the UK’s 29 million business & residential addresses to which mail can be delivered to, correcting as required.

Doing this improves the delivery of your mail item, and saves money in terms of printing requirements, postal requirements and reduction of returns or waste.

Any cleansing amendments that are discovered during this process are reported back to you securely, to allow the update of your original source of the database for future use. 


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