Multiple item mail packs. Having 4 enclosing lines covering a multitude of envelope enclosing specifications, we have all enclosing requirements covered.

Tab affixing. Seal your onepiece mailer with a perforated tab.

Sticker affixing. Pre-printed labels affixed to a mail piece to seal or just add a little design flair to your mail piece.

Postcards. Printed and just simply trimmed to size.

Creasing, Perforation and Die-cutting. Finish your mailing items to any shape or simply add an aperture to add interest.

Scratch off reveal panels. We can variably print images or text and then cover with a Latex panel

Peelable and permanent gluing. Seal your one piece mailer with glue.

Bolt Cutting. Crease and fold your mail piece and bolt cut leaving and insert nested inside a 4 page mail item.

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