Cleansing data against the Bereavement Register (TBR). We suppress against the industries leading files, to highlight and remove any contacts that have been registered as being deceased. This process removes the possibilty of causing distress to the deceased person’s loved ones.

Cleansing data against Gone Away Suppression (GAS). Again we suppress against the industries leading files to help reduce the number of goneaways within your data. These records can be returned to enable the update of your source database.

Cleansing data against Mailing Preference Service (MPS). This enables consumers to have their names and home addresses in the UK suppressed from receiving unsolicitated mail. However there are some exclusions to this requirement with the most notable being if the organisation mailing already has and exisiting relationship with the recipient. For campaigns where a previous relationship does not exist, we are able to identify the records contained on the MPS register.

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